Since its inception in 1990, the Performance Journal has fostered the evolution of written and graphic languages that contemplate current issues of dance and performance. Created by and for artists via a magazine format, the Performance Journal provides a unique forum for critical rigor and a multi-disciplinary readership. Writings are specifically linked to events, artists, trends, and ideas associated with the current and upcoming performance season in New York, across the country, and abroad. The Performance Journal focuses on artists' of-the-moment concerns, with past topics including gender, environments, identity, technology, activism, dance writing and, most recently, explorations of the ways in which contemporary dance negotiates with the larger cultural landscape.

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From MRPJ #45: On Performing Donelle Woolford
From MRPJ #44: Past Present Future

Issue #51

Issue #51 of Movement Research Performance Journal continues to experiment with approaches to engaging with contemporary performance through the medium of print. This issue of the MRPJ offers original textual explorations of ideas, as well as photo essays and visual experiments that present options for how we consider the place of dance in the contemporary moment.

Functioning as an object that is both form and content, the front and back covers of Issue #51 feature images of Elizabeth Garren, Wendy Perron and Mona Sulzman dancing Splang in Trisha Brown’s loft in 1978. The photos were taken by a teenage Christopher Rauschenberg, son of Robert Rauschenberg. Beautifully awkward and intimately captured, these photographs show something of the movement research that preceded what is now recognized as Brown's form and language. The images frame this issue and speak to what's loosely shared among the work in this issue: a reflective memorial portfolio on Brown's life and work, edited by Iréne Hultman, and a collection of dense and speculative texts edited by Mårten Spångberg that address "movement research" — the topic, rather than the organization....

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