Responses: RoseAnne Spradlin's NOVA

by Michael Helland Two words: "F*** You" over and over and over again. Okay, so this was actually in the tail end of 2005 – NOVA by RoseAnne Spradlin. A looping cascade of performers traverse a wooden plank, at the end of which an aggressive "F*** You" is directed out towards a singular point in space, just above the audience horizon. Oh, to be the lucky audience member sitting at the end of the "F*** You" line, I can only imagine. So this was totally awesome, but it became even more awesome in the passage of time since seeing that show. How many times have I felt like that, careening through a chaotic landscape and only adding to the endless assault with my own personal "F*** You" energy. What is the utility of this aggro-tendency and why do we chose to manufacture hatred?
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Michael Helland, RoseAnne Spradlin


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