Movement Scores: Salomé Navarro, Mel Stancato, Laurel Atwell, Marion Spencer, and Sigrid Lauren

Trauma lives in my body more intimately and deeply than I sometimes would like to admit. That was my 2019 lesson. So I began 2020 with the intentions of reconnecting with my body and inviting play into my life through movement. In many ways, Covid-19 felt like a setback from these intentions. I had not taken movement classes since I was six years old and that opportunity seemed even more distant now. So I continued my focus toward sound, my predominant medium of choice. As I started moving deeper into sound, I encountered a variety of experimental sonic scores. And then soon enough, I stumbled across movement scores and I was intrigued by how the lines between the two were very thin. I realized, listening is indeed an embodied practice.

Scores can be done "alone," but they are necessarily collaborative and this window into collaboration and collectivity is exactly the energy I want to re-invite into my life. Running with this new found curiosity, I reached out to Salomé Navarro, Mel StancatoLaurel AtwellMarion Spencer, and Sigrid Lauren, fellow artists and friends whose work inspires me. I invited each of them to create a score built off of this collective energy, and play together separately.






Cy XCritical Correspondence Intern

The Space Speaks

by Salomé Navarro

This score can be explored alone or with others. It may be helpful to have one person read the score aloud while others move. The idea is to invite movers into their own somatic and sensorial landscape. The reader can time the score according to their intuition. Sounding and vocalizing are optional and welcome.

Closing your eyes, begin to sense an imagined conversation nearby which you are witnessing and/or participating in. The conversation exists from and between any location, internal or external, person, sound, object. There is no end and no beginning. Allow yourself to simply tune in.

Allow a conversation to take shape. Sense it forming itself, unraveling from and before you.

Listen for the words forming and swimming in the cells of your fascia.

Allow your body to move closer toward the conversation.

As you hear strings of dialogue being played like chords, the forms and colors arise and shift rhythmically.

Tap into the frequency, the colors, the tones, the shifting emotions.

If a specific word or words become particularly present in your awareness, speak it aloud, yell it, whisper it, laugh it.

Allow one part of your body to respond as if answering a question or call.

As one part of the body responds, sense the movement rippling out into the space surrounding or into another part of the body joining in.

How does the space call parts of the body to respond? Sense that each limb, organ and cell carries a voice.

Whoever is speaking does not know who will speak next. The call may be answered by any voice and any space at any time for any amount of time.

There is a mystery yet also a flow to the dialogue and it becomes music to the ones who listen.

Imagine, when the time is right, a soft blanket settles over the voices and tucks them into sleep. The voices continue in the dream world, the conversation is everlasting, and your movement carries your body slowly out of range from the voices, until they are muffled and you exit just as swiftly as you entered.

Rejoice in Who You Once Were! Everything’s Changing!

by Salomé Navarro

~~try this by the ocean, a river, or a bowl of water~~

Recall a song that you once loved as your past self.

Move with the song and with your past self, embracing.

Optional Add On…

One at a time, imagine each limb of your body is one of your past selves. Imagine each of these selves exist together in your body. Allow them all to move separately and cohesively. How do you move with this union?

If you are inspired to, please share your experiences to: [email protected]



by Mel Stancato

In front of a mirror
In a dark room
Close your eyes.

With closed eyes,

Begin at the top of your head,
And trickle downward towards the edges of the mirror,
Towards the edges of your self.

every detail
Where memory meets the edges of the mirror.

You have still not opened your eyes.

This time, say aloud each detail, and refer only to yourself in the 3rd person.

Each detail, aloud.

Listen to your own voice as though it is theirs.
Listen to the curvatures of their mouth, and the movement of their brows.

You have still not opened your eyes.

This time, begin to move.


Begin with the head - side to side, up and down, slow.
Then the hands,
Move only within the edges of the mirror.

Witness your hands moving inside the edges of the mirror.
Watch your body move towards the edges.
Can you see yourself moving at the edge?


You have still not opened your eyes.

This is the last time.
You continue to move, you have not stopped moving.
Dictate each movement as it is happening, using only the third person.

What are they doing?

Listen to the sounds of your voice as though it is theirs.
Listen to them witness
Listen to where they end & you begin.


Scores I've Been Doing For Awhile So If/When You Do Them You Won't Be Doing Them Alone

by Laurel Atwell

if you have any questions or would like to share your experiences, please do: [email protected]


PPF's full name is PastPresentFuture and this one is fun because everyone has it. The point here is to fully embrace the idea that time is not a line or a loop or perhaps anything knowable other than the thing that is letting you "be". And yet you have it. When you measure it, your existence can be described as being in Past, Present, and Future. Let these three states of being--and others in between--fold, collapse, spoon up to one another and see what happens. This is a way to simply get moving. Once you enter the state of PPFing, everything you do works as an art action (dancing?). So text, drink a coffee with your wiggly move, take a shit, eat while jumping, have a passionate moment with your wall. I would say, for a little structure, resist the computer. Like, maybe no emails in PPF. But then again, anything is in PPF because what you're doing is being your entire time of existence at once. Concrete and abstract become less definable states; and habits become things you simply do. "Past" beings may show up. "Future" yous that you haven't met yet may appear and give you a glimmer. See what you do when you see/sense/interact with these things. Does it make you want to dance? Or journal? Or crawl around? Impulse, Intuition, PPF.


ULTIMATES is a score that requires more than one body.

It's broken down into Three Sections and each section is Two Minutes long:

Section One has Person One (P1) go into the space and move/be around (PPF, see above) while Person Two (P2) watches, taking in the actions and essence.

Section Two has P2 enter the space and become P1, not trying to recreate what they saw, but to pick up where P1 left off, taking on the habits, actions, essence of that person. P1 watches, taking in the information as if they are watching a video/mirror of themselves. They trust that what they see is truth.

In Section Three, P1 goes back out into the space, having been given a score or structure through action by watching P2 in Section 2, and for the final two minutes P1 is their ULTIMATE self. Yes, this is based on their self from four minutes ago via someone else's body, and, yes, that self will also decompose and become something less than "ultimate", but for those two minutes, there is a refined, established, and performed version of self very much put on display. The self, having been filtered and formatted from merely being in space, is now an art object with a two minute show. Run with it.

If you have a bud, do it together! If you're alone you can do SOLO ULTIMATES which is where you do all the parts. Then what is self?

Videoing yourself can also come into play since cameras hold as much of a reliable/unreliable continuum as humans.

**Recently Leanna Grennan had a BRILLIANT idea so I must share here but the thought is hers: Videoing Ultimates and sending them to dear friends so perhaps it's not such a solo time. The video she sent as a secret ultimate didn't even include her body. It's like hold the phone and move as your Ultimate Self so the person receiving the video can see what your Ultimate Self sees as they are being their Ultimate Self. Or perhaps the space becomes your Ultimate Self beyond what you perceive yourself to be. As you can see I find limitations to be fascinating and something to destroy. And if you are wondering who would want that video, I would: 4404886837. I'll send one back.


First, let your astral body be seen. For this occasion, your astral body is the suit that your spirit will put on in order to go to places that are not humanly possible.

Using a timer for this one can be helpful to make sure you come back. Lay or sit down, in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and see how your spirit self wants to take shape in that moment. It may look like your corporeal body or it may look like something else entirely. Be with it and take in the description. See as much detail and texture of your astral body as possible. Your corporeal body is at rest and now the spirit can roam in the astral body. Invite the astral body to leave your corporeal body, and watch where and how it leaves. Once the astral body is out in space, where does it want to go? As you begin this practice, you can start with closer spaces to your corporeal body--can they be in the same room together? Then let the astral body go down the block, then into another borough, then another state, then perhaps to places that are entirely unknown: you've seen them in dreams, hallucinations, spaces behind the eyes. Outer Space becomes quite viable. See how the astral body sees, feels, navigates space. Does it agree to gravity? Does it have emotions? Let your spirit show you what cannot usually be seen.

unearth / essence.

by Marion Spencer

hey there,

this is an offering for your imagination & bones-


your present body
something(s) to draw w/ + something(s) to draw on
a safe space to be & move in
recommended: a timer (i use the Insight Timer app)


sit w/ your tender self – 1 minute – please sit or lay down w/ eyes closed, listen to your breath & to how your body feels

free draw - 4 minutes – draw, doodle, visually improvise on 2D, listening to what is below the surface, the underbelly

witness your composition – take it in, be with it. can you see it as an environment, an ecosystem, a micro world that you have imagined?

write a 3 part score to practice as physical responses to your composition- identify three micro environments within your composition and write out three scores to practice as physical responses for

how to sit with

dream in,

traverse through,

radically reimagine

on a cellular level

inside of


micro terrain

movement practice- 9-12 minutes- (3-4 minutes for each terrain)

free write – 4 minutes

read your free write.

to close- sit w/ your tender self – 1 minute – please sit or lay down w/ eyes open or closed, listen to your breath & to how your body feels

a b o u t time-

all time suggestions are merely that - suggestions – please delineate time as you need. I think this score can take 20 minutes or 2 hours, honestly, depending on your heart. maybe you decide how long you want to sit with each action before you start and use a timer, maybe you let time stay open.

a b o u t human(S)-

you can practice this score by yourself or with others. if practicing with another (IRL or virtually), I recommend practicing each other's scores, or both of you practice both scores.


xo, mar


by Sigrid Lauren

This is the human experience of epiphany! Leave your vices behind, the score is meant to be animated, exaggerated- emotionally, physically, facially as your deepest inner cartoon awakening. Cartoon this. Participate with your own level of comfort & dedication.
*This audio guide is not the final audible score for the movement score. The audio score will be written in collaboration with those who contribute via email.
It is recommended to repeat the score once before recording, so that we may move past the spoken instructions and find our movement between the words.
**I do not own any rights to the sound or audio guide; collaborative spiral play.
Submit to this score's actualization: [email protected]

Materials: Phone/Computer/Camera to record yourself (& another device to play the audio guide)
Tech: Committing to the freeing nature of feeling and moving without judgment, avoid judging the intonation of instructions if able, if it doesnt connect, do what does. You choose to move; weave conscious choice in action and practice curiosity with expression. Experience the potential spaciousness of radical, limitless love through curiosity. Who knows but may we observe & absorb.

1Find a space & determine which direction/spatial orientation feels most comfortable.
2Move on & with breathe, wind & shape your form.
3Setup a video recording device / phone from that direction/orientation;

***RECORD __________________________________

1[ "thank them; proceed to wake up" ]
2[ "grounded connected, smell bullshit" ]
3[ "ReSisT polarity, invest in inquiry" ]


Image Information:

Image 1 and 4: visual improvisation and written score done by marion. Photo courtesy of the artist

Image 2: Salomé presses themselves against the grass with their head tilted as if listening to the ground. Photo by Nic Lawson

Image 3: a bloomed blue flower layered upon a dark glistening sky. Photo originally published in Thoughts-Forms by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, titled "SELF-RENUNCIATION." This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at

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