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In April 2008, CC co-editor Levi Gonzalez contacted editor Jeffrey Gormly to establish a collaborative project between the two publications and their mother organizations - Movement Research for CC and Daghdha for

This is a raw thinking space for the organizations and their communities to sort through ideas of what we believe we are doing and what we wish to do. Both publications aim to articulate, question and develop language around our practices. Both organizations are looking at the web as a still relatively new tool and operational space to further their missions. We think we can gain from writing and reading each other.

* metalogue first movement, from Jeff Gormly at

* A Point of Departure

* First Response

* Invitation


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Alejandra Martorell, Chase Granoff, Jeffrey Gormly, Levi Gonzalez


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Levi Gonzalez

Levi Gonzalez is a dance artist from Los Angeles who was based in New York City from 1998-2016, and is currently Dance Faculty at Bennington College. He collaborates regularly with luciana achugar, an...
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