Critical Correspondence: Dance and the Museum

In 2013, Critical Correspondence initiated a project dedicated to the examination of dance in the museum today--its politics, economics, and aesthetics. Acknowledging a long history of cross-pollination between dance and the visual arts--some driven by artists, some by institutions--our hope is to create a forum, based in a dance institution, for the voices of those affected by and invested in these issues.

Dance and the Museum was conceived and curated by Nicole Daunic and Abigail Levine.

Contributions by: Gustavo Ciríaco Alexis Clements Colectivo A.M. Samara Davis Mark Franko Danielle Goldman Jaamil Olawale Kosoko Sarah Maxfield Martin Nachbar Yvonne Rainer Mårten Spångberg Sara Wookey

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Of Note Elsewhere: Indexing Liveness: The (In)Animacy of Performance by Lauren Bakst in the New Museum blog Yve Laris Cohen in Mousse Magazine Performance at the Beginning of the 21st Century by Aaron Mattocks in The Performance Club Sarah Michelson in Art21 Open Letter to Artists by Sara Wookey in The Performance Club Being a Thing: The Work of Performing in the Museum by Abigail Levine in Women and Performance Three Reperformers Respond to MOCA Gala in The Performance Club

We will complement these responses with other interviews, texts, and links to resources that speak to the issues at hand. We welcome further contributions, challenges, insights, resources, as well. You may contact us at: [email protected]

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