The Bureau for the Future of Choreography

The Bureau for the Future of Choreography is an apparatus, striving for collective authorship, that produces choreographies and documents. The Bureau’s activities include: Desire Dances (2011), which occurred in public spaces and explored contexts that regulate bodies; aiding in the publication of Spangbergianism (2011); a call to map the past fifty years in contemporary dance/choreography through The Flowchart Project (2012 at the Movement Research Spring Festival, 2013 at American Realness, 2014 Tanzplattform at Kamp Nagel), which re-sorts hierarchies of knowledge through cooperative engagement, enthusiastic attention, and paperwork; generating an ongoing archive of performance tasks and scores through Score for Proposing Scores that commenced while in residence New Museum in NYC upon the 50th anniversary of Judson Dance Theater. The Bureau was part of The Future at the End of the World at the James A. Farley Post Office on 34th Street. Recently, The Bureau has been in residence at Governors Island as part of LMCC's Process Space program. TheBureau is always an adventurous performance; if you are interested in participating, please email [email protected].