Photo by Kalyn Jacobs

Nana Chinara

Nana Chinara creates. She’s Black, Queer, and a gleaming glitterbeam. She dreams up worlds in her body, and offers them to the stage. A performance ritualist, youth educator, and loquacious lover, their artistry is the lens through which they conjure Black Queer Feminist research. Nana is powered by pleasure. She shapes a full body YES. She manifests Black Queer healing and liberation as an ancestral practice. Planting futures in her palms, Nana is in service of all young people who craft an abundantly free world in the beyond. Nana is the Artistic Director of Healing the Black Body, and she no longer fears her deepest cravings.

[Image Description: Mid-body portrait of Nana Chinara with a vibrant and full smile and eyes closed. Nana wears big rounded earrings, a pendant, a colorful tank top, and bright purple lipstick. Photo by Kalyn Jacobs.]

2021-2023 Artist-in-Residence,

Spring 2019 [email protected] Artist

Past Classes & Events

Movement Research at the Judson Church

May 13, 2019