Photy by Kyle Kesses.

Marielys "Lely" Burgos

AfroTaína-Arawak artistic researcher, somatic movement educator, dance audio describer, and communicator from Boriké (Puerto Rico) (un)finding home(s) in Lenapehoking (NYC).

I decolonize my -ancestralpersonal- bodily histories by BeingMoving into-through oneiric realms, liminal states of being, psychic wisdom, rituals, the joy of being in communion, & other cosmic realities.

Manifesting mysteries and conjuring embodied liberation
are spiritual creative callings.

Since 2014, I have been investigating mobility/migration as survival and healing strategies mostly as a self-funded independent artist. As a Movement Research Artist-in-Residence (2021-2023), I continue to explore the poetics of mobility and dive deeper into my ancestral indigenous somatic wisdom while critically inquiring about the westernized history/development of the so-called ´somatic field´. I am also experimenting with contemplative improvisational forms and embodied writing.

In New York City, I have danced with Pramila Vasudevan, Antonio Ramos, iele paloumpis, Jill Sigman/ThinkDance, and most recently zavé martohardjono. My artistic work has been shared in academic and non-academic institutions in México, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Scotland, Dominican Republic, and my native Boriké, among other places.

As Communicator and Digital Content Consultant, I focus on community building using digital marketing and Social Media strategies/skills. I am currently supporting A Canary Torsi, an interdisciplinary collaborative platform created by Yanira Castro.

[Image Description: Afrotaína womxn looking fiercely at the camera, palms of the hands opened outwardly in front of her bare chest. The top of a belly scar shows off. Arms heavily tattoed. Black hair at shoulder level swirls with the wind. Photo by Kyle Kesses.]


2021-2023 Artist-in-Residence,


2019 Fall Festival,

2019 Fall Festival Co-Curator

Past Classes & Events

[Virtual] BodyPortals/ CuerpxPortales

Mon, Apr 5 – Apr 27, 2021

[Virtual] Festival | GPS Chats: Close Encounters of a Dance Kind (Croatia/Iran/USA)

November 24, 2020

poetic moving/ bodily writing

Thu, May 9 – May 16, 2019

[SUB] Witchcraft – a Corporeal Practice

April 11, 2019