Jeanine Durning

Jeanine Durning is a choreographer, performer and facilitator of dance and movement-related experiments, researching and working within the interests of perception, cognition, materiality, philosophy, invented narratives, and speculative realities. She’s from NY and still based there but mainly travels nationally and internationally for most of her work. She's been working on a procedural practice, as personal research, choreographic methodology and pedagogical inquiry, called nonstopping since 2010. She's created several performances through this practice, including inging (based on nonstop speaking) which has been performed over 60 times across the US, in Europe, and Canada. Her current solo project,dark matter, selfish portrait, has been supported by several residencies including the Rauschenberg Residency, MRX/Sofia, and MANCC. Upcoming projects include creation of a new ensemble work with Deborah Hay to premiere at Tanz im August 2019, a commission for Candoco/London 2020, and performances and residency in Malmo 2020.

Past Classes & Events

What we do when we do the thing we do before we know what we are doing

Jan 16 – Jan 20, 2017