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Gabrielle Revlock

Gabrielle Revlock is a performer, choreographer, and improviser. Her work depicts complicated but relatable interpersonal relationships, developed through meticulous character study and improvisational structures. Her work has been presented across the USA, in Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Hungary, Russia and India and in NYC at venues including New York Live Arts, JACK, Joyce Soho, Gibney and CPR. She is a 2019 Target Margin Institute Fellow and was on Wendy Perron’s Best of 2018 list for her duet Show No Show. As a dancer, she has performed for Lucinda Childs, Jumatatu Poe, Susan Rethorst, Christopher Williams, Vicky Shick, Bill Young and Jane Comfort. Gabrielle has been a practitioner of contact improv since 2003 and is a facilitator of the Brooklyn Contact Jam. More at

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Contact Improvisation - The Basics

October 17, 2019

Contact Improvisation - The Basics

October 10, 2019

Movement Research at the Judson Church

March 13, 2017