By Tony Wang

Demetris Charalambous

Demetris Charalambous is an experimental NYC based maker born and raised in Cyprus. They are a BFA honors scholar graduate in Dance from NYU Tisch, with a concentration in Philosophy and Art Politics. Demetris creates interdisciplinary bodies of work that aim to intersect performance, film and technology. Demetris’s practice strives to install compositional displacements within a space through a durational curation of the body in relation to the objects within it. They believe in the necessity of duration in form and the role that the materiality of an object assumes as a performer and thus chooses to investigate the way a space can shift when bodies are placed within it. Demetris has participated in workshops across Europe such as b12 Berlin Workshop Festival, Palucca Hochschule für tanz in Dresden, Academie de Danse Princesse Grace in Monaco, DeDutchDon’tDanceDivision in the Hague, English National Ballet, Rambert School in London and Lefkosia Youth Ballet.