Photo by Julia Dissic

Campbell Ives

Campbell Ives is Brooklyn-based and just earned a B.A. in Dance from Barnard College in 2022. There, they performed in works by Wesley Ensminger, Arnie Zane, and Caroline Fermin. They also studied psychology, and environmental humanities, cementing their fascination with the concepts of mind/body and human/nature. As a gender non-conforming artist, still finding their choreographic voice, Campbell aims to rupture such binary modes of thought in both audiences and performers. They believe this process is essential for conveying the complexity of human experience---both within art circles and beyond. Currently, Campbell's research explores: improvisation, interdisciplinary projects, and site-specificity. They have faith in the dancing body's revolutionary potential, and are so thrilled to be a part of Movement Research's mission and legacy.

[ID: Campbell sits in fourth position on a stage surrounded by blackness, wearing a glittery silver short sleeve, and dark blue open leg pants. Their visible big toe is wrapped in white tape. They have white skin, pixie-short hair, that is dark and straight, and their right arm is extended across their torso as they gaze at the ground past their fingertips.]