Photo by Paula Court

Athena Kokoronis

Athena Kokoronis Athena Kokoronis is an artist living and working in New York since 2005. Domestic Performance Agency (DPA) is the name and space of Kokoronis' current choreographic process that gives attention to aspects of performance production, curation, food, cloth, and searches for the creative economy within these realms that begins and extends out of domestic scale with hospitality. Choreographic problem-solving with time, sensitivity, and intimacy are at the core of the DPA vision. Costume design is elemental to the DPA process. Costume collaborations have been with Jasmine Hearn, Tatyana Tennebaum, Jessie Young, Angie Pittman, David Thomson, Marion Spencer, Tyler Rai. Holistic Micro-Patronages like DPA Soup Subscriptions operate all year-long and are currently open to new subscribers. Athena Kokoronis published CookBook Domestic Performance Agency with Yonkers International Press (YIP) in conjunction with Dance & Process series at the Kitchen in 2018. A second edition will come out in fall 2019 in conjunction with The New School centennial exhibition. DPA is also represented by the Lydia Rodrigues Collection (LRC) [email protected] to learn more

Past Classes & Events

Movement Research at the Judson Church

January 27, 2020