The twice-annual festival explores contemporary dance forms through performances, classes, workshops, contact jams, multimedia installations and discursive formats. The Fall Festival continues to focus on improvisation and is shaped by Movement Research’s programming staff in collaboration with curatorial advisors who bring their own interests and ideas to specific festival events. The Spring Festival is produced by a team of artist-curators who determine the emphasis, shape, and programming. Together, these two approaches allow for a varied investigation and exploration into current artistic concerns.

The Movement Research Festival Spring 2017: surprise! surprise(!) surprise/! surprise, May 31 – June 6, 2017, is curated by Laurie Berg, Monstah Black, and Amy Khoshbin.

In the middle of the intersection we met, simultaneously. Riding on a wave, each of us gravitating toward the unknown, disregarding boundaries that were no longer needed. This place where movement blends with humor, sound paints the landscape and visuals twist the mind into… surprise!

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