Jumatatu Poe’s Let ‘im Move You: This Is a Formation Residency at MANCC. Photo by Chris Cameron

PAST workshop

The Switching

Jumatatu Poe

3:00pm – 6:00pm
November 19, 2018
Eden's Expressway

537 Broadway 4th Fl New York, NY 10012

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Spring St.
Prince St.

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I like to imagine that this improvisation practice, The Switching, is a strategy in immediate evolution. I began to practice The Switching in relation to dealing with my curiosities around a question I obsessed over: “Can I change myself?” Our practice will deal with strategic essentialism – through the immediate design of creatures, or ways of being – and immediately identifying “true” or imagined restrictions/limitations. For me, there is something deeply spiritual about the practice, something confusing, something humbling/humiliating about it. I feel like it has theoretical links to code switching, especially as it has to do with my Blackness and queerness, experiences of immediate compartmentalization/contextualization as a defense mechanism, as a means of survival.



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Jumatatu Poe

Jumatatu Poe is a choreographer and performer based between Philadelphia and New York City. His early exposure to concert dance was through African dance and capoeira performances on California college campuses where his parents studied and work...