photo by Sven Hagolani

PAST melt

MELT—Watch Me Watch You

Claire Cunningham


Jess Curtis

3:30pm – 6:30pm
January 15, 2018
  • Registration is open! Pay by CREDIT or CHECK below!
  • "Drop-in" classes are not available

Drawing on scores, ideas, and themes from their work The Way You Look (at me) Tonight — developed in collaboration with philosopher of perception Alva Noë — Curtis and Cunningham lead an investigation through movement, language, writing, watching, listening and feeling, of how difference — of physicality or lived experience — can shape, and is shaped by, the way we ‘perform’ our perceptions. This workshop is accessible to people of diverse physicalities.

Claire Cunningham, Jess Curtis and Alva Noë will be leading a MELT Reading Group on January 17. Jess and Claire will also be presenting a work as part of American Realness January 10-13. 

Access Information: 

This workshop takes place in a wheelchair accessible space. We ask that all guests check in at the reception desk at 466 Grand Street. You will be directed to the accessible entrance, located on Willett Street through the outdoor garden space. 

For Assistive Services: requests for reasonable accommodation should be made two days in advance of the workshop. Please contact Greer Dworman at [email protected] or (212) 598-0551 (voice only).



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