7:00pm – 12:00am
June 3, 2017

888 Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306

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PATH train to Journal Square

  • 7pm Doors Open
  • 7:30pm-12:00am Performances and Dance Party
  • $13 in advance, $15 at the door (beer + wine included with ticket price)

Vertigo takes the form of concentric circles. Disco balls. Musical performance. Gravitating towards the center. The event will feature several spheres of performance throughout the evening. Dance performances outside on the spacious lawn move into the lobby and finally converge in the theater with special musical acts and performances, complete with sweaty dance party. Dai Burger and LSDXOXO headline the night! Featuring Tyler Ashley, Manchildblack, Brother(hood) Dance!, B.S. Movement, Michael DiPietro, Jasmine Hearn, Lizz MmcAuliffe, Bessie McDonough-Thayer, Slim Ninja (Jason Rodriguez), C∆N-D, The Illustrious Blacks. Walk the runway and dress up darling... wear those costumes and get turnt at Vertigo!

DIRECTIONS TO MANA CONTEMPORARY plus a video tutorial at manacontemporary.com/visit

The Movement Research Festival Spring 2017: surprise! surprise(!) surprise/! surprise, May 31 – June 6, 2017, is curated by Laurie Berg, Monstah Black and Amy Khoshbin.

ASSISTIVE SERVICES: Requests for reasonable accommodation should be made two weeks in advance of the event through the RSVP form or by contacting Anna Adams Stark at [email protected] or 212.598.0551 (voice only).

Please note that Cakes Da Killa will NOT be performing as previously advertised.

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Dai Burger

Dai Burger is a Hip-Pop star, fashion icon, trendsetter and your not-so-typical role model! Dai Burger’s lyrics boast of female empowerment and sexual liberation for all. She masters the art of appealing to her core audience, all while entertain...


LSDXOXO is a 24 year-old Producer & DJ from New York, by way of Philadelphia. He's known for taking mainstream music and flipping it for underground appeal, as well as his eclectic curation of collaborations with other artists. He's been des...

Tyler Ashley

Tyler Ashley is a choreographer and performer based in Brooklyn, NY.  Ashley has performed in the work of Elizabeth Streb, Walter Dundervill, Larissa Velez-Jackson/Yackez, Katy Pyle, and Biba Bell among others. Ashley's own performances have bee...


C∆N-D is a sci-fi rap/performance art group formed by Amy Khoshbin and Michael Clemow. Question your current reality by entering C∆N-D’s futurist psychedelic world.  After crashlanding in Brooklyn at Jack Space on NYE 2015, C∆N-D continued to im...

Brother(hood) Dance!

Brother(hood) Dance! is an interdisciplinary duo that seeks to inform its audiences on the socio-political and environmental injustices from a global perspective, bringing clarity to the same-gender-loving African-American experience in the 21st...

BS Movement

BS Movement, co-directed by Shaina Branfman and Bryan Strimpel, is a body of people researching the function of physical design and its relationship to the human empathetic response. Through teaching and performance, the collective shares and pr...

Michael DiPietro

Michael DiPietro creates visual art and performance. His work has been presented in art spaces, collectives & organizations including AUNTS (Mount Tremper Arts Summer 2015 Festival,  [email protected]), chashama’s 1351, Flux Factory, Silent B...

Jasmine Hearn

Jasmine Hearn was born and raised on occupied lands now known as Houston, TX. They are an interdisciplinary artist, director, choreographer, organizer, teaching artist, and a 2017 and 2021 Bessies award-winning performer. Jasmine’s commitment to...

The Illustrious Blacks

The Illustrious Blacks (Manchildblack & Monstah Black) create intergalactic experiences through dynamic sound and kinetically energetic performance. The Blacks present a topsy-turvy Afro-Futuristic universe through which they pilot crowds th...


Creative Director of Hype Life Music, Manchildblack is a recording artist, impresario, tastemaker and self styled D.J. He has released 3 acclaimed EP's: Awake In A Dream (2006), My Mind's I (2008) and Love Reigns Vol. 1 (2013). The music video f...

Lizz McAuliffe

Lizz McAuliffe is a queer choreographer with a background in dance, performance studies, and poetry. McAuliffe has shown their work at Movement Research, CPR, Dixon Place, The Invisible Dog, and CAVE. Liz is currently making solo work and collab...

Bessie McDonough-Thayer

Bessie McDonough Thayer is an independent dance artist living in Brooklyn. Her solo work has been shown at Roulette, Danspace Project's Food for Thought curated by Stacy Szymaszek, CPR New Voices in Live Performance Series, AUNTS at Arts & R...

Slim Ninja

Jason Anthony Rodriguez (aka Slim Ninja), native of New York City, grew up from a distance from the ballroom community curious of the underground dance form “vogue.” He has recently been seen on the Netflix series "The Get Down" as a featured vo...