Photo: "How do you get from here to there? by Perel and Jenetopulos at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts.

PAST workshop

Sunday Process Lab

Marissa Perel


Elliott Jenetopulos

3:00pm – 6:00pm
May 21, 2017
  • $5 suggested donation
  • No pre-registration necessary

We offer a practice of embodied otherness. Holding a space to work through the shadow aspects of fear, anxiety, dissociation, paralysis, or hyper vigilance, we turn inward to find the right next action. We seek to unravel our relationship to oppression and intersectional trauma by listening to ourselves and one another more deeply. Using Mindful FocusingTM, Authentic MovementTM, Skinner ReleasingTM, writing and contemplation, this work is intended for marginalized identities. Most exercises are tools for personal reflection, though there is partnering and sharing with consent. All body types, all abilities, and all modes of identity welcome.

Requests for reasonable accommodation should be made by May 14 by contacting Greer Dworman at [email protected] or 212.598.0551 (voice only).

Sunday Process Labs are a series of three-hour, low-cost sessions on Sunday afternoons, providing an opportunity for a substantive peer exchange in a lab-type setting. Sessions are facilitated by movement-based artists who share their individual creative practices and process.

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