Photo: Aw Sucks Segundo! by Sean Hanley

PAST workshop

Fall Festival | Screening: Non-Dance, Dance Film

Brighid Greene


Kayvon Pourazar

2:30pm – 5:30pm
November 28, 2016
Judson Memorial Church

55 Washington Square S New York, NY 10012

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  • $5 suggested donation – all donations go to festival artists

The inspiration to move is not always a mirrored phenomenon. In cinema, the rhythm of editing, the space of framing, the clarity of focus, the influence of sound, and the permission to experiment with non-linear storytelling do not mirror, but, together, simulate the experience of dance. As manifestations of choreographies, these devices are absorbed by film lovers in ways that are akin to a performer's blending of somatic systems. Screening a feature and short films, Non-Dance Dance Film suggests this as a way to watch film with your whole body.

Arrive at 2pm to mingle and converse. Screening of the feature film will begin at 2:30, with the shorts to follow. Conversations will take place after each screening with a short break in between.

Stinking Heaven (Nathan Silver, USA, 2015, 70:00 mins)
A black as tar comedy charting the dissolution of a commune for sober living in 90's suburban New Jersey.

SHORTS (listed in program order)
ESKASIZER - Jennifer, Gabri ( chameckilerner, USA/Brazil, 2015, 7:37 mins)
In ESKASIZER – Jennifer and Gabri, the bodies of 2 women move in repetitive, and yet, unpredictable ways, reflecting the constant propulsion of the machine that manipulates them. These bodies are not acting on their own impulses and desires. Instead, they are passive– with their hips, knees, and legs yielding to the external forces. The belt vibrates each body, morphing it into a landscape of moving flesh, the movement organic despite its source.

Papa Machete (Jonathan David Kane, United States / Haiti, 2014, 11:00 mins)
Two hundred years ago, Haitian slaves defeated Napoleon's armies with the same tool used to work the land: the machete. Papa Machete explores a martial art evolved from this victory through the practice of one of its few remaining masters.

Voyage of the Galactic Space Dangler (Evan Mann, USA, 2016, 8:00 mins)
Voyage of the Galactic Space Dangler tells the story of a spaceman on a mission to explore a distant planet, who makes contact with a Neanderthal man.

The Hatch House (Bara Jichova Tyson, USA, 2015, 10:48 mins) 
The Hatch House is a short, stop motion and live-action documentary exploring an idiosyncratic, cube-like bauhaus cottage and its independent owner, Ruth Hatch. A 1950's sanctuary for artists and intellectuals like Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, and László Moholy-Nagy, and the Boston Brahmins Jack Phillips, Jack Hall. The Hatch House explores a fragile, amateur structure living at the cultural crossroads between DIY "work of the brain" and the rising tide of American bourgeois, consumerist values.

\venice/ /florence\ |rome| (Rachael Guma, USA, 2014, 7:00 mins)
Technology fails on a voyage to Italy as a broken point & shoot camera warps and transforms images of Venetian canals, a train ride to Florence, and the ancient ruins of Rome. Soundtrack composed by Gabriel Guma.

AW SUCKS, SEGUNDO! (Sean Hanley, USA, 2015, 4:30 mins) 
Segundo has just 60 seconds to shuck as many oysters as he can! Inspired by turn of the century actuality films made by cinema's early pioneers, we attempt a contemporary version with a high-speed 35mm camera.

It's a Soiree (Lily Baldwin, USA, 2012, 9:00 mins)
Seen through the voyeurism of glass pane, this is the story of 1960's coiffed etiquette gone awry. Dancing bodies reveal a meaty subtext as all protocol gets unhinged.

Ripening – The Garden (Vanessa Walters and Taxiplasm, Australia, 2016, 6:00 mins)
An old woman’s recurring dream begins to eclipse her world as she approaches her inevitable expiration. As fantasy and reality start to invert, her longing for beauty grows futile, vanity is eradicated, and a portal opens for a newfound self-perception to blossom.

Beemus, It'll End in Tears (Lauren Wolkstein, USA, 2016, 11:43 mins)
After receiving a vision of doom, a gym teacher attempts to prepare his students for their fate but struggles to maintain control when a student leads them all to an unlikely place of refuge.

Part of Movement Research Festival Fall 2016: unthreading the filter curated by Carolyn Hall, Omagbitse Omagbemi, and Kayvon Pourazar. 



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