Photo By Ian Douglas

PAST melt

What we do when we do the thing we do before we know what we are doing

Jeanine Durning

3:30pm – 6:00pm
January 16, 2017

What are we doing when we realize that the idea is not the thing? How can we cultivate attention to our ever-shifting divergent desires, impulses, memories and perceptions? What is the practice that can help sharpen that attention and what is the frame that can hold that attention? How can our questions and doubts become proposals for doing? How does thought and feeling come to form and action? How does our fundamental desire for communication misalign with meaning-making? How can we accept not-knowing and the not-yet as generative states of being/doing? How can we open to a field of willingness and empathy? How can our bodies become a radical and imperative force for potential, for the unnamable? How can we focus on doing and not making? These and other questions will emerge in the midst of moving, talking, writing and witnessing.


Summer MELT 2019

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Jeanine Durning

Jeanine Durning is a choreographer, performer and facilitator of dance and movement-related experiments, researching and working within the interests of perception, cognition, materiality, philosophy, invented narratives, and speculative realiti...