Photo by Anja Beutler

PAST melt

Social Dancing (aka Negotiation)

Keith Hennessy

3:30pm – 6:00pm
January 9, 2017

Five days of research and play in dancing together, with an/other, in collaboration. Shared experimental practice in the blessings and crises of social relationships. Through a range of mostly (but not only) duet activities, we'll negotiate improvisation and composition, touching and not touching, meaning and perspective, speed and space, unity-in-difference, gestures and objects. Potential tactics: observation, unison, post/contact, refusal, solidarity, companionship, endurance, swamp, and prayer. Anne Lamott suggests that prayer is “Help, Thanks, and Wow.” Responding to a neoliberal era of increasingly precarious solidarity, this class intervenes with prayer-magic-ritual-dancing-performance-action.



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