photo by Lindsey Berfond

PAST class

Listening with the Voice

Samita Sinha

3:00pm – 6:00pm
October 2, 2016

How can the act of listening be the impetus for making a sound, and a sound in turn serve the other’s capacity to hear? In this lab we will learn fragments of a composition for voice, drawn from Indian and extended vocal techniques, and work with it to explore the continuum between listening and sounding, receiving and acting, inside and outside.

Sunday Process Labs are a series of three-hour, low-cost sessions on Sunday afternoons, providing an opportunity for a substantive peer exchange in a lab-type setting. Sessions are facilitated by movement-based artists who share their individual creative practices and process.

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Samita Sinha

Artist and composer Samita Sinha combines experiment and tradition to create new forms of performance using voice, body, sound, and space. Sinha combines her voice, grounded in North Indian classical music, with embodied practices both ancient (...