photo by Delwin Kamara

10:00am – 12:00pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays, October 4, 2016
$12 / $14

Classes are $14 each. Discount available with class card purchase.

Danspace Project

131 E 10th St New York, NY 10003

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Exit at 2nd ave and walk up to 10th street
Exit at 3rd ave and walk down to 10th street
to 8th Street-NYU
to Astor Place

  • Joya Powell teaches October 25 & 27.

Experimental Dancehall is a high energy, open dance class that plays with popular music and dances from Jamaica and the African Diaspora (i.e. Haiti, Ghana, Nigeria). This class is fun. Explorative. Open. And is designed to bring and expand joy. Come play! All levels welcome. Class will start off with a dance warm-up to popular music from the African diaspora, and will move into improvisational exercises that get us moving creatively, and will end with a combination we all learn and play with together.

Joya Powell teaches for Marguerite Hemmings October 25 and 27. Click here for details.

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Marguerite Hemmings

Marguerite Hemmings is Jamaican born, raised in New Jersey, and has been living in NYC for the past 10 years. She graduated from Columbia University in Education and Urban Studies. As a dancer, Marguerite specializes in street styles, social dan...