photo by Brooke Herr

PAST workshop

Practicing Being and Seeing

Melanie Maar

11:00am – 2:00pm
Sundays, September 11, 2016
  • $25 per day
  • Pre-registration encouraged. Drop-ins welcome!

Phase I - activating space
Phase II- listening and pendulation
Phase III- rooting

This class series on familiar forces, organs, rhythms and internal/external relationship is based on principles and exercises of Qi Gong, touch work and reflection. It’s about practicing together in the context of the dance studio and relating it to our larger shared environment.



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Melanie Maar

Melanie Maar is a NY based dance artist from Vienna Austria. She lives nomadically between forms and communities, sensing for relationships in structure and meaning. Working in intimacies between movement and sound, animalism and humanism, femal...