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[In-Person] GPS Chats: The Socio-Political Agency of Contemporary Dance in the Balkans (Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia)

Vassiliya Drebova


Viktorija Ilioska


Jovana Rakić

6:30pm – 8:00pm
May 24, 2023
MR, 122CC – Courtyard Studio

150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009

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[In-Person] GPS Chats: The Socio-Political Agency of Contemporary Dance in the Balkans
(Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia)

Featuring Artists Vassiliya Drebova (Bulgaria),
Viktorija Ilioska (North Macedonia), Jovana Rakić (Serbia)

This is a Free event. Spaces are limited.
Reservations required.


For the HEALTH of OUR COMMUNITIES, we will continue to follow our current >>MR COVID-19 Safety Protocols<<. These protocols require all attendees to wear N95/KN95/KF94 during the entire event. Starting February 2023, showing proof of vaccination will not be required to enter Studies Projects events happening at 122 Community Center.

Event Description:

This in-person GPS Chats features presentations by three Balkan artists - Vassiliya Drebova (Bulgaria), Viktorija Ilioska (North Macedonia), and Jovana Rakić (Serbia) - who are participating in the USA-Balkan Exchange: Practice and Discourse Sharing Laboratory, initiated by the performing arts scholar Mira Todorova (Fulbright fellow, chief dramaturg of the National Theatre in Bulgaria) in partnership with The Chocolate Factory Theater (NYC) and with the collaboration of Lokomotiva – Centre for new initiatives in arts and culture (Skopje), Station Service for contemporary dance (Belgrade), and Movement Research (NYC).

About the USA-Balkan Exchange

The project’s main objective is to explore contemporary dance at the intersection with the political and to enhance the awareness of the socio-political agency of artists and their practices. Through a practice and discourse sharing laboratory at The Chocolate Factory Theater, artists and theoreticians/curators from Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia, and the United States reflect on their work through the perspective of its inherent politics. During the exchange in NYC, the three Balkan artists will work with three NYC-based artists - Martita Abril, Justin Cabrillos, and Moriah Evans - and three cultural theorists - Marijana Cvetkovic (Serbia), Biljana Tanurovska (North Macedonia), and Mira Todorova (Bulgaria). Following the lab, the Balkan artists have a weeklong residency at Movement Research, taking classes and rehearsing in the studios.

[Image Description: Two dancers in a performance. One dancer with dark hair and a blue and white biketard is laying on their side using their arms to prop up their torso. The second dancer has blond hair in a black sports bra and blue shorts. They sit in the fourth position and have their cheeks puffed out like they're holding their breath. Both dancers wear sneakers and have their hair in buns with a lot of volume.]

Accessibility Notes:

- Read the Accessibility Information about the Movement Research 122 Community Center
- This event includes audio.

For access-related requests and questions, contact [email protected], subject line “GPS Chats.”

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