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[In-Person] Feldenkrais®

Jimena Paz

12:30pm – 2:00pm
Wednesdays, May 3 – May 31, 2023
Gibney at 280 Broadway

280 Broadway (Enter at 53A Chambers Street) New York, NY 10007

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  • [In-person] Single Classes are $16/class.
  • Registration for this class happens via Gibney´s Class Schedule.
  • Class takes place at 280 Broadway (entrance through Chambers Street).
  • Please visit Gibney Accessibility information and Covid-19 guidelines on their website.

[In-person] Single Classes are $16/class.

To register go to >>Gibney´s Class Schedule

Please refer to Gibney´s visit guidelines when attending this class. Find them here: >>Gibney´s Covid-19 Policies<<

Class Description:

The Feldenkrais Method® studies the works of our nervous system and our ability to recognize and create movement patterns that are both more efficient and spontaneous. The method emphasizes awareness, distribution of effort/action through the whole self, expanding self-perception, and our ability to carry out our intentions. This class is ideal for dancers and people from different backgrounds interested in discovering more about their physicality in a pain-free way and enjoying a larger sense of well-being.

El Método Feldenkrais® estudia el funcionamiento de nuestro sistema nervioso y nuestra capacidad para reconocer patrones de movimiento habituales al mismo tiempo que ampliamos la exploración de nuestro hacer, atentos a la repercusión de éste en nuestro organismo y nuestro sentir. El método enfatiza la autoconciencia, la espontaneidad, la distribución del esfuerzo/acción a través de todo el ser, desarrollando la autopercepción y la habilidad de llevar a cabo nuestras intenciones y/o descubrir acciones espontáneas que nos sorprendan. Esta clase es ideal para bailarines y toda persona interesada en ampliar su experiencia de movimiento y disfrutar de un mayor bienestar.

[Image Description: Photo of Jimena Paz laying on the ground. Her legs are bent and her feet are on the floor. one arm is reaching towards her feet on the ground and the other is bent allowing her hand to cradle her head. She wears dark pants and a white t-shirt.]

Accessibility Note:

-This class includes auditive guidance.

For access-related questions and requests, email [email protected], subject line “Feldenkrais, Jimena Paz."

Upcoming Classes

[In-Person] Feldenkrais®

Jimena Paz
Wed May 31 12:30pm - 2:00pm

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Jimena Paz

Jimena Paz was born in Buenos Aires and has lived and worked inArgentina, the United States, Europe, and Scandinavia. Throughout herwork she continues to explore experiences and questions offoreignness, otherness, interculturalism, inter-being, ...