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[In-Person/Asynchronous] illder wisdoms

iele paloumpis

11:00am – 1:00pm
January 23, 2023
MR, 122CC – Courtyard Studio

150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009

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  • Pre-registration is required. Participants must register for the full workshop.
  • Asynchronous, self-led participation available.
  • In-person attendees must have received the most recent COVID-19 booster they are elegible for.
  • ASL and Audio Descriptions will be provided.
  • This workshop includes auditive guidance.
  • For general access questions, contact [email protected], subject line "MELT, iele paloumpis."

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

All individuals participating in an in-person workshop at a Movement Research location must follow the following protocols. *Please note: For iele paloumpis’ workshop, in-person participants will also be required to have received the most recent COVID-19 booster they are eligible for.

  1. Be fully vaccinated (i.e., two weeks following receiving both doses of a two-dose vaccine or a single dose of a one-dose vaccine) with a COVID-19 vaccine authorized for emergency use by the FDA or WHO.
  2. Have received all eligible booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. For more information on booster eligibility and staying up to date, please visit:
  3. Present on-site proof of vaccination and photo ID (which may include driver’s license, passport, government issued ID, school issued ID, or work issued ID card) in order to gain entry into the class. Movement Research is unable to admit anyone who is not able to present these documents.
  4. Wear K95/KN95/KF94 masks during the entire duration of the workshop. MR will provide complimentary K95/KN95/KF94 masks if you do not have/bring your own.

Complete COVID rapid testing for each day you are on-site at a Movement Research location according to testing guidelines below. MR will provide complimentary testing kits if you do not have your own.

If circumstances related to COVID-19 arise that prevent you from attending a workshop(s) for which you have pre-registered, you will be issued a full refund.

Read the >>Movement Research COVID-19 Safety Protocols<< in FULL.

This is an [In-Person/Asynchronous] MELT Workshop happening at MR's Courtyard Studio.

Participants are welcome to have a fully asynchronous experience.

Wednesday's class will follow the asynchronous modality, however participants can choose to be in person at our Courtyard Studio on during the time allocated for the workshop.


Pre-registration is required. No drop-ins.
Participants must register for the full workshop.
In-person limited capacity: 15 people per day.

Workshop description:

This workshop is for anyone who resonates with the experiences of being sick, disabled, mad, crip, and/or chronically ill. Too often, we are isolated from each other, all the more so in these pandemic times. And many of us don’t have elders to guide our way. How might we trace the lineages of crip wisdom that live inside our individual and collective bodies? What knowledge does physical pain hold and how might we be witnesses to or holders of that pain? What’s it like to not veil the realities of illness for the comfort of the non-disabled and healthy? With so much ableism and spiritual bypassing in many "healing spaces" - how can we queer or crip notions of embodiment and spiritual connection?

Participants will be invited to take part in movement improvisations that can also be translated into writing, drawing, or imaginative explorations. The container will be rooted in trauma-informed somatic pedagogies, anti-ableism, anti-colonialism/imperialism, and a celebration of queer crip multicultural LIFE. This space will leave lots of room for not knowing and unlearning.

Together we will listen and tend to our inner “illders” - a term coined by JD Davids, the Cranky Queer, who says “The way forward for those of us living with major or multiple chronic illnesses remains shrouded. That’s why […] we can and must become ‘illders’: wise elders of any age who turn the demands of living with chronic conditions into opportunities for self-knowledge, growth, and connection.”

illder wisdoms will have two participation modalities, in-person at 122 Community Center, and asynchronous - via email and Slack, to support us in sensating each other’s energy through space and time, and in our own timing as our bodies and availability allow. Please choose the modality that best serves your needs. Above are the Safety Covid-19 measures for your consideration.

Both In-Person and Asynchronous participants will be provided with the same materials to explore illder wisdoms including stories, prompts, improvisations and guiding questions. In addition, all participants will be invited to join the illder wisdoms Slack channel, where participants will be encouraged to share written reflections, audio messages, images and/or videos that relate to our daily explorations and themes. Instructions on basic Slack usage, accessibility, and conduct guidelines will be provided by the faculty. The Slack will be primarily self-moderated, but MR interns will be available to help keep track of your questions and point you in the direction of technical support during the week of the MELT workshop (January 23-27, 2023).

A) On-site participation will take place at Movement Research's Courtyard Studio following additional safety COVID-19 protocols listed above. This space is limited to 15 participants daily.
B) Asynchronous participation via Slack and email will be available.

Info for In-person attendance: Participants will be encouraged to share via the Slack channel. As capacity will be limited to a max of 15people in the Courtyard Studio at any given time during the workshop. Those who register for this modality should do their best to be physically present for all days of the workshop. The asynchronous space will be available to you should you not be able to physically attend on any given day, please see the info for Asynchronous participation below.

Info for Asynchronous participation: Participants will receive an email from MR including a movement invitation or prompt to explore on their own in the comfort and safety of their home each day. Online participants are invited to enact these improvisations either on their own time or during the allotted class time (11am-1pm EST). The Slack channel will be our digital meeting space to collectively share impressions and archive our processes no matter where we are or when we choose to engage. Making sure this digital space remains accessible to all will be a collective effort, and guidelines will be provided. Please note that live simultaneous participation via Zoom will not be offered. Trust that our collective energy and intentions are powerful and reach you whenever you choose to enact the improvisations prompts.

Accessibility Notes:

- ASL and Audio Descriptions will be provided.

- For general access questions, contact [email protected], subject line "MELT, iele paloumpis."

About the Studio:

The Courtyard Studio is located on the first floor at 122 Community Center and is wheelchair and mobility device accessible. Restrooms are wheelchair/mobility devices accessible and are all-gender.

The Courtyard studio has a MediFy (MA-112 Air Purifier) Air filtration system with a 2 ACH rating and a running HVAC system with MERV13 filters.

Blankets, cushions, and chairs for added comfort will be available. Participants may also bring their own to/from class each day. There will not be extra storage space provided overnight.

Accessibility information about Movement Research 122 Community Center.

[Image Description: Close-up photograph of hand embroidery by iele paloumpis. This embroidery work is based on Pelenakeke Brown's written and visual piece entitled "A Traveling Practice" which explores Samoan design concepts through the specific choreography of the computer keyboard and asks "how can one move without moving?" As an iterative crip-time collaboration, iele has hand stitched Pelenakeke's keyboard strikes to create a 3-dimensional, tactile experience. Forward and backward slashes, semicolons and other punctuation marks create a pyramid shape stitched in gradient purple, red, orange, pink and white on burlap fabric. ]



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