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PAST class

[In-Person] Alexander Technique

Fabio Tavares

2:00pm – 3:45pm
October 26, 2022
Gibney at 280 Broadway

280 Broadway (Enter at 53A Chambers Street) New York, NY 10007

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  • [In-person] Single Classes are $16/class.
  • Class takes place at 280 Broadway (entrance through Chambers Street).
  • Participants must be fully vaccinated; proof of vaccination and photo ID must be presented onsite in order to gain entry into the class.

[In-person] Single Classes are $16/class.
Pre-registration is required.

To register go to >>Gibney´s Class Schedule

Please refer to Gibney´s visit guidelines when attending this class.
Find them here: >>Gibney´s Covid-19 Policies<<

Class Description

This class will explore the essential connection between your mind, body, and self through the lens of the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique provides a process for cultivating awareness and creating the conditions for change to emerge in our movement patterns, thought process, and sensory experiences. Together we will practice embodying ideas that allow us to understand our own ranges of effort, mobility, breath, balance, and recuperation. Using the AT principles one can discover movement possibilities that are supportive and sustainable. Classes will explore topics such as: dynamic balance, presence, anatomy and kinesiology, tools for recuperation and injury prevention, nervous system regulation, and developmental movement, among others. The class will include practical application to everyday movements as well as integration into dancing and movement practice.

[Image Description: Photo of Fabio standing while holding a small human skeleton model. He is wearing a gray shirt and has facial hair. The background is a white wall.]

Accessibility Note:

For access questions, please contact ac[email protected], subject line "Fabio Tavares".

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Fabio Tavares

Fabio Tavares (he/him) is a queer Brazilian artist who’s been obsessed with the human body in action from a very young age. He started off as a competitive gymnast before running away to join the circus at the age of 15 where he got his first pr...