Photo by By Chance Jackson.

PAST workshop

[Virtual] Align to Your Highest Potential

Michelle Boulé

10:00am – 11:30am
October 14, 2022

This WORKSHOP is offered on a sliding scale from $25-$12//class.
Payment is required for registration.
Review Online Class Best Practices guide.
Pre-Registration is required.


What is Sliding Scale? Sliding Scale is an economic justice strategy in which attendees are invited to evaluate their finances and pay what they can afford. Movement Research has historically kept class costs accessible at a $14 rate. The current value for dance/movement classes in NYC is between $17-$25 per hour. Please, make a conscious assessment of your finances and contribute what you can. We highly suggest you support our programming by paying the full price of $25, if this is possible for you.

Workshop Description:

This workshop offers a combination of energy balancing practices, mindset training, and a practice of "Moving with Innate Wisdom," all designed to support you in stepping into your fullest expression and highest potential. Bring your desires to the workshop--anything you'd like to transform in your life, personally or professionally. Michelle will work with willing participants to do individual energy balancing treatments, that will offer healing possibilities for the whole group. ("To heal" means "to make whole.") We'll then have time for "Moving with Innate Wisdom", a practice designed to help you embody new potentials and shift your brain wave state to support creativity and presence.

[ID: A dancer with long dark hair and brown skin, dressed in a shiny red shirt over a floral printed red and white jumpsuit, is bending forward and looking into the distance to her left, with her arms extended to the sides. She is barefoot on the grass, in front of a lake and hazy mountains in the distance. Photo by Chance Jackson.]

Accessibility Note:

Automated closed captioning will be available for all Zoom workshops and classes. This class includes guidance that is mostly auditive.



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