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PAST class

[Virtual] Klein Technique™/Stretch and Placement

Barbara Mahler

1:00pm – 2:30pm
Thursdays, September 22, 2022
  • This class is offered on a sliding scale from $25-$5 per class.
  • Payment is required for Class Registration.
  • Pre-Registration is required.
  • Automated closed captioning will be available for all Zoom workshops and classes.

This class is offered on a sliding scale from $25-$5//class. Payment is required for Class Registration. Review Online Class Best Practices guide.
Pre-Registration is required.

No Class: November 24, 2022.


What is Sliding Scale? Sliding Scale is an economic justice strategy in which attendees are invited to evaluate their finances and pay what they can afford. Movement Research has historically kept class costs accessible at a $14 rate. The current value for dance/movement classes in NYC is between $17-$25 per hour. Please, make a conscious assessment of your finances and contribute what you can. We highly suggest you support our programming by paying the full price of $25, if this is possible for you.

Class Description:

Klein Technique™ works at the level of the bone, the simplest and deepest structure in the body to work with clarity, imagery, and energy. Working on this level allows us to drop in under the layers of muscle which holds us in set postural configurations. The work we do in class focuses on deep connections of support and movement: Freeing the legs and spine, connecting the pelvis to the legs, and connecting the upper body to the lower, and the skull to the feet. Barbara Mahler''s Klein Technique class always begins the same way: Students slowly roll down until they're completely folded over—and stay there for about half an hour. This, dancers say, is where tiny miracles happen. There's a Zen-like calm so strong it's palpable, as Mahler weaves through her students, gently inviting them to “bring attention to the hamstrings" or the “weight of the head to pull on the tail... it's a way to re-educate and facilitate change—it's knowledge for people to help themselves move better, with less pain and more ease," says Mahler, who has been teaching it for 38 years. Klein Technique was developed by Susan Klein in the 1970s as a response to her own injuries. Part somatic practice, part movement technique, its repetitive, slow-moving approach helps students realign and re-pattern their bodies, leading to the dissolution of bad habits, a new range of motion and injury prevention.

Accessibility Note:

Automated closed captioning will be available for all Zoom workshops and classes. This class includes guidance that is mostly auditive.

For access requests and questions, please contact Christopher Unpezverde Núñez at [email protected], subject line "Barbara Mahler".

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