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Jeremy Nelson

Morning Class

10:00am – 12:00pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays, April 19, 2022
MR, 122CC – Ninth Street Studio

150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009

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  • [In-person] Single Classes are $16/class.
  • Pre-registration is required. Class Registration closes one hour before class start time.
  • Participants must be fully vaccinated, and show proof of vaccination before each class.

[In-person] Single Classes are $16/class.
Pre-registration is required.
This is an "OPEN LEVEL" class.


For the HEALTH of OUR COMMUNITIES, we will continue to follow our current >>MR COVID-19 Safety Protocols<<which require that participants must be fully vaccinated, and show proof of vaccination before each class. Movement Research is unable to admit anyone who is not able to present vaccination proof and photo ID.

Class Description

We will focus mostly on our skeletal structure and its connections, allowing more mobility and suppleness in the superficial muscles and more efficient use of the floor. The intention is for each student to experience and develop an awareness of their own body and recognize its individuality. We will incorporate a variety of approaches including hands-on work with partners leading to improvisation that help deepen our awareness and give us the opportunity to really experience some of these ideas in a physical way. As well as using improvisation, we will also take our work into simple activities and exercises in order to try and integrate this new awareness into our body’s movement patterns, and include some phrases of set movement that involve moving more boldly and dynamically.

These classes are influenced by Nelson’s over 35 years of continuing study in somatic practices, including Klein Technique™ with Susan Klein and Barbara Mahler, and the Feldenkrais Method®, as well as other techniques such as Alexander Technique® and Bodymind Centering®.

Accessibility Notes

For access requests and questions, please contact Christopher Unpezverde Núñez at [email protected], subject line "CLASS ACCESS."

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Accessibility information about Movement Research 122 Community Center

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