PAST workshop

[Virtual] Deepening into the Practice of Masunaga’s Reclining Meridian Stretches

Eva Karczag

9:00am – 10:30am
Fridays, April 8, 2022
  • This virtual workshop will happen via Zoom.
  • Sliding Scale from $0-$25 per individual session.
  • Automated closed captioning will be available for all Zoom workshops and classes.
  • Review the Online Best Practices Guides in the description before joining.

MR 2021/ 2022 FESTIVAL,
Coming Together: Nurture, Nourish, Sustain

This workshop is crafted as a ´shared space´ and offered online via Zoom on a Sliding Scale from $0-$25 per session.

Participants must register for each session individually.
After registration is confirmed, you´ll receive a link to join the session.


Please, Review Online Class Best Practices guide and Consult our Frequently Asked Questions for additional support.

Workshop Description:

In this 8 session series, we will come together to explore the ways practicing Shizuto Masunaga’s Reclining Sequence, in the community of others, can nurture, nourish and sustain us.

As we move through the sequence, we will sink into each stretch, researching slowly. Taking time, gives space. We have latitude to turn our attention to detail - of breath, energy flow, movement quality and imagination. We can consider the important question of where to find support for our moving that enables us to remain spacious and easeful while practicing.

Structure of the Sessions:

In the first 4 practice sessions, I will guide by speaking out loud the thoughts that pass through my body-mind. This will allow those who are less familiar with this particular sequence to get acquainted. During the last 4 sessions, we will practice in silence, supporting each other through our presence.

Accessibility Notes:

  • Automated Closed Captioning through Zoom is available.
  • Requests for ASL interpretation can be granted two weeks in advance of the session that the participant desires to attend. To submit a request, please email [email protected] with the subject line "ASL interpretation request Eva Karczag.” Please indicate in the message the date of the session for which you are requesting ASL interpretation.
  • Audio Description is available upon request only for the last 4 sessions of this workshop. Requests for Audio Description can be granted three weeks in advance. To submit a request, please email [email protected] with the subject line "Audio Description interpretation request Eva Karczag." Please indicate in the message the date of the session for which you are requesting the Audio Description Services (Remember AD is only available for the last 4 sessions).
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