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PAST workshop

Transitioning into Winter|Water: a Seasonal Workshop

Daria Faïn

10:00am – 3:00pm
December 10, 2016
  • $80/day
  • $150 full workshop

This workshop will support the Water energy or Jin.
The Jin is the “essence of of the physical body” and holds the emotion of trust and fear.
This is a time to cultivate our deepest resources and our will power with gentleness.
This is a time to nourish our desire for life force so we can persevere towards our vision as individual within our collective consciousness.

A few days before the Winter Solstice, this workshop will address the transition between Autumn and Winter. Metal is the mother of Water. We’ll work in that delicate moment where nature is receding to a silent time and where darkness predominates light. We will explore how the Lung qi (Metal/Autumn) moves downwards the same way as when our bodies rest. It descends into the kidney palace and combines with water, a process the Neijing (ancient Chinese classic medicine text) refers to as 'the mother concealing herself inside the newly conceived offspring’.

The workshop offers a theoretical and intuitive approach to tap into the interdependency of the physical, emotional, energy, intellect and causal bodies in relation to this moment of the year. Both days will begin with a Qigong based warm up and evolve into an improvisational framework. Please bring text, an object, and/or picture that evokes this time of the year for you, a blindfold and a notebook.



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