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[VIRTUAL] Topf Technique /Dynamic Anatomy

Jaime Ortega


Jen Harmon

1:00pm – 2:30pm
Tuesdays, January 4, 2022
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Jen Harmon will sub for Jaime on January 11, 2022


Class Description:

The Topf Technique/Dynamic Anatomy® provides pathways into deeper perception, heightened awareness and expanded movement possibilities for dancers and movers of all genres and abilities. Also known as 'Experiential Anatomy', the Topf Technique/Dynamic Anatomy® guides students to explore physical expression and creativity while finding new relationships with both inner and outer space. Using visuals, touch, breath, specific sequences and improvisation to trigger imagination, the class helps students reimagine 'the body' and uncover new pathways to movement that is highly personal, deeply grounded, centered and refined. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to understand the anatomy underlying their primary dance or other movement techniques, gain a deeper understanding of their own movement preferences, work through pain/stiffness/injury, or expand their options for generating choreography and building their unique movement vocabulary.

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Jaime Ortega is a movement based artist, therapist and educator. He has explored a variety of approaches to movement for the last 40 years. His main influences have been the study of Ideokinesis with Nancy Topf and Andre Bernard; and the practic...

Jen Harmon

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