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[Virtual] SPIRALS©

Irene Dowd

10:00am – 12:00pm
January 3, 2022
MR, 122CC – Ninth Street Studio

150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009

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  • This is an [Virtual] workshop.
  • Pre-registration required. No drop-ins.
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This workshop will be offered via ZOOM.
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Pre-registration is required. Unlimited Capacity.

Workshop Description:

Taught by Irene Dowd, and Assisted by Renée Robinson
Spirals© is a choreography created as a warm-up for dancers. It is a continuous motion sequence, to be practiced on each side, involving all parts of our bodies simultaneously with minimal repetition. One's relationship with gravity and the surrounding environment is changing so that different muscles must constantly be exerted against gravity to produce the motion, and so that one must be continuously adapting their visual focus and attention.

We will slightly adjust this Spirals© workshop, in order to better serve an on-line Zoom vehicle. Instead of learning the full original choreography, we will learn the essential elements of Spirals© in a series of short standing &/or sitting choreographies. By so doing, we can all practice together in a small space while still being able to see our screens.

I also intend to give more anatomical, kinesiological, and neuroscience background on how and why I created this choreography, during many years of continuous experimentation. The original complete version of Spirals© is viewable in free website:

[Image Description: A historic image of Irene Down in a pronounced spiral, knees bent, torso rotated towards the left and arching down, arms extended. Irene wears a skirt that stretches to the width of the knees.]



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