PAST class

[Virtual] Gratitude in the Dark Room: A Collective Dance Improvisation

Krishna Washburn


jill sigman/thinkdance

4:00pm – 5:30pm
July 3, 2021
  • This is designed specifically for the educational needs of blind and visually impaired people

Dark Room Ballet joins jill sigman/thinkdance in NYC to participate in a special, international collective dance improvisation initiated and conceived by Belgian dance artist, Ann Cailliau. On July 3, dancers in multiple locations and multiple countries will be taking time to use movement to express gratitude and connection through movement and orientation in space. jill sigman/thinkdance will be hosting a live outdoor event in Riverside Park in New York City simultaneously with this online workshop.

No experience in improvisational dance is needed to participate. The whole event is designed for the educational needs of blind and visually impaired people, and participants are encouraged to unmute, ask questions, and self-describe throughout the event.

Infinite gratitude for our collective wisdom, our collective knowledge!


To register, email: [email protected]

Image description:

Krishna, a thin, pale skinned woman with long dark hair pulled into a braid, poses on a studio stage. She is wearing a simple white dress with her shoulders exposed and a fluffy white headdress perched on her forehead and wrapping down her braid. She looks over her left shoulder as she lightly holds a straight cane between her hands and points her left foot behind her. Photo Credit: Krishna Washburn & Micaela Mamede

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