From left to right: performers Angie Hauser, Sarah Gamblin, Bronwen MacArthur and Michelle Boulé
Photo by Julieta Cervantes.

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[Virtual] Solo/Duo Dancing: a workshop for improvised choreographies

Bebe Miller

3:30pm – 5:30pm
July 14, 2021
  • This workshop is offered online virtually via Zoom.
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This MELT workshop will be offered virtually via Zoom.

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About this workshop:

We are always moving; we are always in relationship. As dancers, regardless of the physical space we occupy, we engage with our environment as well as our memory, in motion. We track our interest, mining the details and contexts that emerge, and note the forms we create.

Improvising and choreographing, we will craft sequences in time and space, noting emergent constructs, the dancing we engage with. The content of this virtual workshop comes out of my own practice though it's fully dependent on you. We’ll move with clear regard for the leap of faith – and architectural potential – that Zoom asks of us. Please be prepared to video yourself (phone cameras are fine) so we can work between what we feel, what we intend and what is legible. We’ll practice our frames of reference, claim our choices and continue on.

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