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[Virtual] Choreographies to Energize Our Feet and Hips

Irene Dowd

3:00pm – 4:30pm
July 26, 2021
  • This workshop is offered online virtually via Zoom.
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This MELT workshop will be offered virtually via Zoom.

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About this workshop:

Participants will learn and practice a series of choreographies designed to enhance function of our feet and hip joints.

Sequences for our feet will involve: warming up all the muscles that move our feet, enhancing awareness and control of our relationship with the ground (being reminded that moment of contact between feet and ground creates vibration waves, i.e. sound/music), refining articulation of our feet, performing actions with our feet that initiate re-organization of the rest of our body.

Sequences for our hip joints will involve: lengthening, strengthening and energizing each and all of the muscles crossing our hip joints, enhancing articulation, increasing range of motion and control of the motion at our hip joints, coordinating the movement of our hip/knee/ankle/foot/spine and arms in a variety of ways, facilitating more lively and efficient locomotion (walking, running, skipping, etc.)

All the choreographies will be composed of a series of very short sequences that can be performed while standing in a small space. In addition these sequences can be used as a physical and mental preparation for our performance of dance, sports, and daily living.

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