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PAST melt

[Virtual] Support and Suspension: We can all use a little bit of both

Fabio Tavares

10:00am – 11:30am
July 5, 2021
  • This workshop is offered online virtually via Zoom.

This MELT workshop will be offered virtually via Zoom.

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About this workshop:

The human body goes up and down. There’s no question about it. Gravity sends us down toward the ground and our highly sophisticated vertical design send us back up away from it. So there’s a constant dance between up and down. During this workshop we’ll look at the human body and how it was designed for movement, balance and breath. With the support of the ground and the suspensory muscular mechanism coming from above, we’ll explore some simple activities such as bending, walking, speaking and using the hands in a more holistically way. We will be spending some time on the floor doing some version of the Dart Procedures. These classes will be infused with the basic principles of AT: Awareness, Inhibition and Direction.

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