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[Virtual] Dance and echology – towards a resonant antifascism

André Lepecki

3:00pm – 5:00pm
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, August 2, 2021
  • This workshop is offered online virtually via Zoom.

This MELT workshop will be offered virtually via Zoom.

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About this workshop:

I don’t know at all how this workshop will unfold. I know there is an urgency that made me write the title as if it made any sense at all. And now, after having written it, not really knowing what was about to come out, I would like to propose that, three months after succumbing to the urgency to write the workshop’s title, we could together verify if and how it still resonates somehow. Perhaps then, i.e., when we meet in August, we could consider some strategies, read a few texts, exchange a few ideas. Talk. Listen. Think together. As you know, I don’t dance, or do but not really, but maybe some of you would like to give it a try, in the workshop I mean, and dance I mean, if the echological resonance would thus propel you towards that -- even if through the algorithmic stage, since we will be meeting via ZOOM. Oh, and yes: echo and eco. A kind of obvious amalgamation: resonance and ecology. This is a link to explore with dance, through dance. And, finally, because you also need to know at least the cloud of references (or the constellation, for those whose velocities are less vapid) in which we will move, let me list here some of the books from which we *may* read (and note that texts will be made available a few weeks before we begin, hopefully by then things will have landed, or at least start hovering not too stratospherically out of reach): Making Abolitionist Worlds, by the Abolition Collective; Steps to an Ecology of Mind, by G. Bateson; Animacies, by Mel Chen; In the Wake, by Christina Sharpe. It’s all in English, which is a pity, but maybe we can also talk over languages and move other tongues. Our mother tongues. Ah! The question of fascism – there will be some Giorgio Agamben in the mix, some Gilles Deleuze, some Walter Benjamin, and some George Jackson. The first three are so predictable, therefore my apologies, but they talk to me all the time. I have to honor their insistence. They seem not to be done with me yet. Maybe you will help in a kind of echological exorcism. As for George Jackson, I think it makes total sense to read his letters as missives (missiles) also written to us. For us, creatures of today (whatever that means). Thanks for wanting to join. See you in August. André.

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