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PAST workshop

[Virtual] BodyPortals/ CuerpxPortales

Marielys Lely Burgos Meléndez

11:15am – 12:45pm
Mondays, April 5, 2021
  • We can provide automated closed captioning upon request. Contact [email protected] to request this service at least 3 days in advance of the workshop.

Movement Research is excited to offer this workshop via Zoom. Consult our Frequently Asked Questions for support, and before joining class review Online Class Best Practices

About this workshop:

Our bodies are the source of self-liberation. Every cell, tissue, organ, and fluid that is Us/ We embodies transcendental consciousness. During this workshop we will become portals of the non-evident within us, allowing ourselves to be moved from/ in our own depths with care and compassion. Through meditation techniques, contemplative practices, visualization, and creative imagination -based on the Mahayana Buddhist Tantric Traditions- we will practice curiosity without expectations, embodying spaciousness, and exploring what emerges and how it moves within or through us. What is revealed when we allow ourselves to feel/ sense the vastness of our embodied consciousness? What unravels or moves in/ through our multidimensional beings? Where does liberation dwell within us?

Assistive Services:

Movement Research joins the initiative of our Faculty Members in their effort to confront ableism in Healing Justice practices. In anticipation of the workshop BodyPortals/CuerpxPortales facilitated by Marielys Burgos Meléndez, we would like to share the following statement from the artist:

"Verbally guided meditations predominantly rely on an ableist notion of hearing. Marielys and Movement Research are committed to explore ways to decenter this aspect of the practice and explore ways to make this worksop accessible to d/Deaf people."

We invite people to contact us to explore how to best welcome them into the space. Marielys will provide in advance a Practice Guide in the form of a written document detailing the intention, goals, exercises to be practiced during each session, and time frame suggestions. The Practice Guide will be available 4-5 days before each session and is available upon request for deaf people or people with any other accommodation need. Please note that meditative/ contemplative work is intuitive, if anything changes Marielys will make sure to inform it during class and provide the new material or instructions prior engaging in the exploration. The people who request the Practice Guide could also explore the exercises on their own outside the session if that feels right.

For more information and/or to request your written Practice Guide for the workshop, please send an email to [email protected], subject line: written Practice Guide request.

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