Photo by Andrea Lerner

PAST workshop

[Virtual] Moving Bodies in Frame

Andrea Lerner

1:00pm – 2:30pm
Fridays, March 5, 2021
  • This workshop runs for eight Fridays in March and April.

Moving Bodies in Frame:

In 2007, the boundaries of my work blurred when chameckilerner (my artistic duo with collaborator Rosane Chamecki) displaced its choreographic work from the stage to the screen. Confronting the work in a new medium generated a new cycle of investigations as part of my exploration of choreography, movement, and the body as a map of oneself. Moving Bodies in Frame is a result of this journey.

Moving Bodies in Frame focuses on "why and how" to convey a choreographic idea into a filmic practice, and how the encounter between moving images and moving bodies can expand the development of a choreographic language beyond live performance. This vital query relies on these fundamental questions: How are you positioning your work in relation to these two fields — historically, aesthetically, conceptually? Is there a broad and thorough blending of concepts, philosophy, process, and tools?

This workshop is a mix of analytical and production workshop, introducing participants to the history of video/experimental film, moving to contemporary videos and installations, and finally, addressing the opportunities offered by the new platforms available in this moment in time.

Participants will have a series of hands-on exercises and assignments suggested every week, individually and/or in groups. These exercises explore concepts of framing, camera movement, planes, deconstruction of space and time, the relationship between camera movement and body movement, special effects, post-production, installation, etc.

The class welcomes choreographers, performers, filmmakers, photographers, cinematographers, media artists, or anyone interested in this process. Camera will not be necessary; all assignments can be done with participant's phones.



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