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[Virtual] MELT – Making*Queering*Dancing

Thomas F. DeFrantz

10:00am – 12:00pm
January 18, 2021
  • This workshop will happen via Zoom.

This MELT workshop is offered virtually via Zoom:


we kiss in the shadow, wondering if others can see.
are they looking?
WE QUEER OUTDOORS, with gestures that resist the normative.
we know how to queer, but we wonder how we know.
this workshop explores making*queering*dancing.
we begin with our willingness to undo the assumptions thrown at us.
after that, who knows what all we might do?

this workshop will explore queer modes of address and queer|making|dancing as stabilizing possibilities of experimental live art. we will explore queer possibilities as ancestor-worship, re-membering our queer kin and how they moved. we will uncover queer futures, always there in plain sight, moving us towards an other way of being. and we will make UNPRECEDENTED structures, fashioning queerlove into bulbous ribbons of taffy-like butch queen transrealness.

reading list: crawley*sharpe*croft*munoz*koppleson*houston-jones*tinsley

[well, not all of this in a single week of course ….]

queerlove YES!

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