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PAST class

[Virtual] Open source forms

Raha Behnam

10:00am – 11:00am
Mondays, September 14, 2020
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About this class:

We practice letting go into the fullness of our own presence and returning to our experience as the primary source of knowledge. Poetic imagery will support our improvisations as we move in and out of deep states. We allow the possibility of losing ourselves - perhaps just for a moment - in our own process, practice responding to each moment freshly, and become familiar with the ever-changing landscape of our own internal and external states.

Open Source Forms is fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique as developed by Joan Skinner. It is apparent that Skinner's work was influenced by, or is a direct product of, practices belonging to a multitude of people, lineages and histories. In an effort to demystify the blurry roots of modern/post-modern practices, I give thanks to the generations of elders, names unknown to me, who developed, cultivated and nurtured these practices so we can continue to use them today.

Movement Research Zoom Etiquette:

Since many of us are new to taking class on Zoom, MR has compiled some etiquette guidelines to ensure that everyone’s time in class is full and respected.

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Raha Behnam

Raha is an Iranian-born, Canadian-raised, US-based artist working across disciplines and practices towards liberatory modes of being and doing. She has performed in the works of Abby Crain, Tino Seghal, Jessie Young, and Hadar Ahuvia. Raha is a ...