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PAST melt

[Virtual] MELT – Untypical and portable: your body at home

Jon Kinzel

10:30am – 12:30pm
July 27, 2020
  • Registration is OPEN!

Movement Research offers this MELT workshop virtually over Zoom.

Workshop description:

This workshop aims to allow our bodies to give way to dance and performance that is in fluid dialogue with improvisational, compositional, choreographic, and visual art practices. Prior experience with interdisciplinary work need not be a concern. Participants should possess a high threshold for personal, physical, and formal experimentation, and an openness towards connecting dance and object-making within the temporal realm and the wider world. Inevitably, the online format of our meetings will shape and contextualize set and improvised solos that we will make for the camera/with the camera in mind. This workshop will be informed by my experience as a choreographer in the 1990’s in New York. During this time I frequently found myself performing in spaces — theaters, galleries, lofts, clubs — typically carved out of larger structures, that were wildly varied in shape and size. The spaces were challenging. They required me to be adaptable. But they also brought to light the features of the performance itself: spatial proportions, audience positions, and sound environments. I learned to approach my performances as temporary installations, in which drawings and other forms of mark making, executed during the dance, served to situate myself and the audience within a mutable, embodied social space. At the same time, I have long sustained a drawing practice, both as a tool in my choreography and as an end-in-itself. And, in recent years, I have begun to exhibit in galleries, constructing installation-like environments, which entail a combination of movement, mark-making, and material manipulation, to orchestrate somatic social encounters.

MELT Zoom Etiquette Guidelines:

  • We ask that you please "Mute" yourself when you are not verbally participating.
  • Please do your best to arrive on time and stay for the duration of the session. If you plan to leave early, inform the faculty member at the top of class using the "Chat" function in your Zoom window.
  • Experiencing connectivity or technological issues? Either use the "Chat" function to communicate with the MR administrator, or email “[email protected]" and someone will assist you as soon as possible.


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