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[Virtual] MELT – Making ourselves a utopian body by becoming uncivilized with a practice of being in pleasure

luciana achugar

12:00pm – 2:00pm
Saturdays, July 11, 2020
  • This MELT workshop is being offered virtually through Zoom.

Movement Research offers this MELT workshop virtually over Zoom.

Workshop description:

We will practice being in pleasure and giving our bodies a voice. A practice of growing a new body, as one would grow a plant; a utopian body; a sensational body; a connected body; an anarchic body; a body in pleasure… with a flesh & bones & guts & skin brain... with eyes that see without naming, they see without knowing.

This workshop draws on achugar's own practice developed through years of making performances as a method that can be utilized as a tool or a container for any creative process. Via this practice we investigate ways of uncovering what's already present (but perhaps repressed or suppressed/oppressed) in ourselves, and how to create the conditions to let it manifest and appear on its own.

MELT Zoom Etiquette Guidelines:

  • We ask that you please "Mute" yourself when you are not verbally participating.
  • Please do your best to arrive on time and stay for the duration of the session. If you plan to leave early, inform the faculty member at the top of class using the "Chat" function in your Zoom window.
  • Experiencing connectivity or technological issues? Either use the "Chat" function to communicate with the MR administrator, or email “[email protected]" and someone will assist you as soon as possible.

[Virtual] Summer MELT 2020

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