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PAST class

[Virtual] Contact Improvisation: The Basics

Gabrielle Revlock

6:00pm – 7:00pm
Thursdays, April 16, 2020
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About this class:

Contact Improvisation (CI), initiated by dancer Steve Paxton in 1972, is a dance practice that plays with the physics between bodies and gravity. Using partnering skills such as rolling, releasing, weight exchange, falling, lifting and catching, and expanding range of spatial choice, the practice helps one move within sensation and disorientation, access moveable supports and tune to the use of touch, momentum, resistance and flow in physical contact as well as in solo play. During this quarantine period, we might think of this class as a "preparation for CI" -- what are some skills and vocabulary that will support our dancing when we are reunited with our partners on the dance floor? We will dive into our solo improvisation practice, use common furniture as dance partners and develop our sense of play and curiosity. We might also ask what are the elements of CI including listening, touch, communication, consent and community, and how might we access them through virtual learning and experiences? Be prepared to embrace experimentation in this era of online dancing. This is an introductory class for those with little to no experience with Contact Improvisation or those who would like to explore what CI means in the age of COVID.

What you need for class:

  • Some floor space
  • Clutter free couches and chairs that can support your weight

Movement Research Zoom Etiquette:

Since many of us are new to taking class on Zoom, MR has compiled some etiquette guidelines to ensure that everyone’s time in class is full and respected.

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  3. Have a question or concern? Use the chat function to communicate with the class and/or teacher.

Thank you! We hope you enjoy class!

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Gabrielle Revlock

Gabrielle Revlock is a performer, choreographer, improviser and creator of Restorative Contact, a mindful touch-based movement practice. Her choreographic work depicts complicated but relatable interpersonal relationships, developed through meti...