10:00am – 3:00pm
December 8, 2019
Movement Research

150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009

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ComeUnion: Caring Gathering & Exchange is a platform for bodyworkers, herbalists, somatic practitioners and people seeking healing services to congregate. This shared space is open for the interchange of goods, services, remedies, and practices through alternative economies. Each individual and practitioner will mutually determine negotiations of practices and remedies. All negotiations (trading, bartering, samples, discounts, sliding scales, donations, etc.) are to take place in a spirit and intention to co-create more accessible healing spaces while honoring the labor of caring.

The curators have already invited body practitioners to offer their practices for exchange with other artists.

This is a space self-governed by those who partake in it. Questions about this event? Email [email protected]

Confirmed practitioners and practices:

  • Autosomatica (10am-2pm) - Autosomatica will hold space for participants to view an hour long Functional Integration session and gather to discuss its elements and ethics. A sign up sheet will be available for participants to secure future donation sessions.
  • sára abdullah, founder of earth seed holistic, will be offering small batch, seasonal herbal medicine (10am-3pm)
  • Lydia Chrisman - Alexander Technique, short lessons (10am-12pm)
  • Alice MacDonald - Alexander Technique Mini Lessons (1-3pm)
  • Dustin Maxwell - Dustin is offering free sample, mini sessions of Thai Yoga Bodywork. Accessible to every body! (12-2pm),
  • Grace Osborne - Body Work with Therapeutic Sound and Oracle Card Readings (12-3pm)
  • Antonio Ramos - Integration Feldenkrais/massage/Zero Balancing (1-3pm)
  • Laura Tuthall - Alexander Technique, short lessons (11:30am-1:30pm)
  • KK de La Vida - Dagdagay Foot Stick Massage (12-3pm)

Click on these practitioners bio pages below for additional information about their individual practices:

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Related Artists

sára abdullah

sára is an indigenous SWANA/Pinxy non-binary femme Muslima dyke descended from nomadic dreamweavers, kitchen witches, tricksters, and storytellers. She honors those who came before and those who gather with her in circle through a life's work in...

Lydia Chrisman

Bio information coming soon.

Alice MacDonald

Alice MacDonald is an Alexander Technique Teacher (AmSAT) based in Brooklyn, NY and Bath, ME. She is passionate about helping people connect more deeply with their bodies and their movement so they can experience healing, support, sustainability...

Dustin Maxwell

Dustin Maxwell is a queer, movement-based visual artist based in NYC. He makes performance as well as “dance artifacts” which are the psychic remains of his dancing – these are in the form of drawing, film, and sculpture. His art is informed by ...

Grace Osborne

Grace Osborne is a musician and sound performance artist from Pasadena, CA currently based in New York City. Her solo work is often offered through the mediums of soundwalk, sound bath, and sound installations. She earned her BA in Music Theory ...

Antonio Ramos

ANTONIO RAMOS is a dancer, choreographer, and certified body work practitioner who was born and raised in Puerto Rico where he trained in jazz, salsa, and African dance. His choreography has been produced at The Kitchen (Work and Process), New Y...

Laura Tuthall

Laura is a disabled interdisciplinary artist and AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher with a BFA in improvisational dance and performance creation from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee (2015). She is Director of Education and Programmin...

KK de La Vida

KK de La Vida is a sea dreamer & spirit mover. Born in Cebu, Philippines & migrated as an uninvited settler on Turtle Island, KK comes from a long lineage of Visayan healers, fisherfolk, traders, pirates & sailors across Pacific, Ind...