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Studies Project: Modes of Embodiment: An Expressive Toolkit for Chronically Ill Bodies: Part 2

Yo-Yo Lin


Lara Marcin

12:00pm – 4:00pm
November 10, 2019
Movement Research, 122 Community Center

150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009

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We dream of a reality where the chronically ill and disabled are given the communal space to honor the trauma in the bodyminds they own, and are given a set of tools to discover their bodies as a nuanced, abundant place for exploration, strength, and creative expression.

After 4 weeks of self-reflection, communal space-holding, and generative movement exploration, participants and facilitators gather for the final installment of the Modes of Embodiment movement workshop series. This session is intended to be a space where participants can continue to develop and/or share any discoveries they have made over the course of the series. Through our movements, words, and everything in-between, we will discuss our accomplishments, the challenges we faced/ continue to face, and tools we will take away with us into the future.

This Studies Project will also discuss what a long-form movement course like Modes of Embodiment offers for the chronically ill/ disabled community. What did we gain from this movement course? What did it cost us to do this exploration? How do we continue to foster group learning spaces for beginners in dance, especially marginalized groups such as the ill/ disabled? What are ways we can continue to nurture artistry and community simultaneously?

This event is part of Movement Research's Move to Heal/Action to Heal programming.

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