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Studies Project: “Another world is not only possible...” // Artistry during challenging times

Raha Behnam

6:30pm – 8:30pm
October 21, 2019
Movement Research, 122 Community Center

150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009

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Organized by Raha Behnam, this gathering aims to incite, inspire and generate conversation, questions and action in this time of unprecedented global ecological and economic crisis.

Asking a series of timely questions as artists residing in a country with the most historically and presently destructive policies globally, as well as the most rampant use of energy and resources, we consider:

How are we responsible? What does our art making have to do with this crisis? What are our options for engagement, and what will we choose to do together? Please join us to consider these urgent questions in each others’ company.

The quote “Another world is not only possible...” in the title of this Studies Project is by Arundhati Roy.

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Raha Behnam

Raha is an Iranian-born, Canadian-raised, US-based artist; a first-generation immigrant to occupied Indigenous homelands. She is the daughter of Iranian artists Darab Behnam Shabahang and Mahvash Vatankhahi. Her performance work currently invest...